INTEReST virtual meeting as it was seen by some Portuguese students

I took part in this project in the fields of Biology and Maths.

I really loved working in this interdisciplinary project. Making research about a specific area, in this case, the bees, makes the subjects involved a lot more interesting.

My biology teacher asked if someone wanted to make a presentation about what we had learn during this project to the other countries in same project. I accepted and I’m really glad I did it. I got the chance to train my English and meet people from different countries. Not only did they teach me more about bees and everything related to them, but also, throughout the different workshops, I was able to learn more about their country, culture, among other things.

If I could, I would do it all over again and, in the future, if I can participate in another similar project, I will accept without thinking twice.

Nuria Rubio, Portugal



I had the honour to participate in the BeeINTEReSTed project during my first year in secondary school. It was an amazing experience, that allowed me to learn many new things, especially by combining different subjects in one common project. Not only did I learn the theoretical part, but I was also able to develop my English skills in specific contents. It was great to participate in the online meetings where I could speak with other students from all around the world, that had been developing the exact same project as me, but from a different perspective. In conclusion, I think this was an enriching program that should be experienced by all students, or, at least, all students should have the possibility to work in a project like this one, and I am grateful I was one of those.

Beatriz Augusto, Portugal

Interest Erasmus Project 2018