Short-term joint staff training “Teachers’ Room 4 – Assessments”

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Short-term joint staff training  “Teachers’ Room 4  – Assessments”
Mersin, Turkey 24th-28th August, 2021
– Lecture “Evaluation of Interdisciplinary Science and Maths subjects”by prof. Serkan Şendağ, Faculty of Education / Computer Education and Instructional Technology of Mersin University on  new perspectives for the assessment of  interdisciplinary activities for students.
– Workshop ,,Evaluation of Interdisciplinary Science and Maths Subjects” by dr.Duygu ÖZEN, Assessment and Evaluation Expert from National Education Assessment and Evaluation Centre of Mersin Provincial Directorate.
– Sessions  organised by  teachers from each partner school in order  to present examples of interdisciplinary activities, most effective assessment methods and approaches they have used  during the project,  ideas and suggestions to improve the assessment and evaluation processes.

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