As the short-term exchange of group of pupils scheduled for March 2020 in Turkey was postponed due to the epidemiological situation,  the MDTO school (Turkey) and partners decided  to organize the planned student group exchange as a pure virtual five-day activity in 2021.  On the 27th January 2021 representatives from each country met for the third mutual online meeting.

Seven students from Pakruojis ,,Atžalynas“ Gymnasium: Gabrielė Misius (IV a), Kornelija Klinkaitė (IV b), Gabija Rimkutė (III c), Kornelija Vaitkutė (III b), Beata Vaitiekūnaitė (III c), Gerda Bertulytė (II b), Austėja Sadzevičiūtė (II b)  presented the results of the common science project “Bee INTEReSTed” implemented in January and February 2020. A presentation of the performed Lithuanian honey research (laboratory tests), peculiarities of bee life, interesting facts, a questionnaire and a buzzword were prepared and used for the activities. Participants from Hungary, Turkey and Portugal  gave a  very positive feedback on the students‘s efforts, emphasizing the initiative to invite participants to work in smaller international groups by taking  advantage of the break-out room feature of the Zoom platform.

Interest Erasmus Project 2018