There was an observation of  3 interdisciplinary activities – Mathematics + Biology, Physics, Chemistry organized by teachers of the host institution and project based Science learning activities (experiments)  organised for the teachers (Session 4) as well as a feedback session on the integrated lessons the participants observed.

The teachers were invited to a Maths and Biology lesson “Osmosis“ (teachers Ms. Rita Vinskūnaitė and Mrs. Daiva Makauskienė, form 11), Maths and Physics lesson “Types of Mechanical Waves“ (teachers Mrs.  Alma Petrulaitienė and Mrs. Rasa Bertulienė, form 12),  Maths and Chemistry lesson “Water Salinity“ (teachers Ms. Aušra Vasilevičiūtė and Mrs. Danutė Stočkūnienė, form 10)

Teacher Ms. Vita Gudonienė presented her experience on methods she uses for teaching Chemistry.  The experiments were carried out by Vilniaus University Faculty of Chemistry and  GeoSciences students as a part of introducing the ways of findings methods to involve students into engaging extra curricula activities for Science  teaching and learning.

Interest Erasmus Project 2018