Disseminating interest on a national level (Pakruojis)

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On 6th of December 2019, Pakruojis “Atzalynas” Gymnasium 3rd grade students Benas Nikalajevas and Gabriele Misius participated in a National Science Conference of teachers and students, called “The Art of Learning and Exploring”,  which took place at Siauliai Simonas Daukantas Gymnasium. The goals of the event were to share Science teaching and learning ideas, to acquire new knowledge, get more experience in  communication, and to expand awareness that there are no limits to research and development.

The students presented their lesson “The Research of Caloric Value of Nuts”, which they have also organised in Portugal during the short-term exchange of groups of pupils ,,CLIL Week“. The purpose of this lesson was to determine the caloric value of 5 types of nuts by building a calorimeter and measuring the energy captured by the water. Gabriele and Benas, led  by senior chemistry-biology teacher Danute Stockuniene and mathematics teacher methodologist Rita Vinskunaite, shared their insights, work methodology and experiences with many other students and teachers from a number of schools of Lithuania: Naujoji Akmene Ramuciai (Akmenė district), Silale Simonas Gaudesius,  Academy ugne Karvelis (Kaunas district), Kursenai Laurynas Ivinskis (Šiauliai district) gymnasiums.

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