Session 5   “Agreements for the Implementation of the Shared Ideas in Partner Schools” aimed at involving teachers to work in  transnational groups for to  share the  lesson plans teachers  brought as their homework and generate new ideas for the short-term interdisciplinary activities.

The second part of the session was related to creating lesson plans (combining 2 disciplines, for instance Mathematics and Biology, etc.), discussing the methodology and how the activities could be incorporated into the partner schools’ educational processes. The following lesson plans were presented: “Sink or Float” for teaching Physics and Mathematics (Hungary), “Fermentation Processes” for teaching Biology, Chemistry and Maths (Portugal), “Differences of Daylight in Erasmus+ Countries” for Physics, Biology and Maths (Hungary) and “Equinox in Partner Countries” for an integrated activity of Maths, Physics and Biology (Lithuania).

During the session Telma Rodrigues and Fernando Rebelo from Portugal introduced Google Classroom as an app which could be used for a more effective cooperation and communication among Science teachers.

Teachers participated in feedback session  “Evaluation of the Training Activities”

(Session 6)The participants were involved in a feedback circle activity based on a World Cafe method. They were asked to answer two questions being divided in two groups. In addition, the participants filled in questionnaires. The questionnaires were aimed to measure the quality of the activities, the impact of courses on improving teachers‘ skills /competence, and the significance / impact of the training event on the project participant.

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