17/03/2019 – 23/03/2019

Budapest, Hungary

The students (4 from each partner country and 12 from the host country, in total 24) participated in activities related to sustainability and international interdisciplinary science lessons (Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry) during the 5 working days of the meeting.

As a start, participating students  introduced their projects prepared at home:

  • HU: Life of Jedlik Ányos and his inventions
  • LT: Interdisciplinary projects prepared at home
  • PT: Interdisciplinary projects prepared at home in pairs
  • TR: Presentation of science innovations and their background

Next day the students had the opportunity to participate in on-the-field lessons, titled: “Match the Graph” and “Sink and Float” co-taught by Portuguese and Hungarian teachers.

Later they could put theory into practice by building and trying out boats based on what they have learned at the “Sink or Float” interdisciplinary Math – Physics lessons.

Participants visited the Laboratory of ELTE University and took part in a competition on sustainability together with other students of the host institution.

Students had Physics lessons in the school laboratory and finally they gave feedback on the week’s activities and filled in and evaluation form  to get a more objective view on their opinion.

Interest Erasmus Project 2018